Liturgical Furniture

modern kansel opstandingskerk

A subtle but powerful three-piece furnishing set was designed for the liturgical centre of the Opstandingskerk (Resurrection Church). Among other things the centre is used for prayer, preaching and baptisms. The serene design of the pulpit, baptismal font and flower display gives visitors room for their own expression of faith. At the same time, the harmonious design is perfectly adjusted to the church’s religious symbolism and activities. The design also matches the character of the interior. It thereby serves to emphasise and support the church’s confession.

The three pieces each have a wooden base, consisting of seemingly loose, concatenated white panels. This provides a powerful, solid and yet light and open basis. The vertical rhythm of the panels also reflects the organ pipes located above the podium, as well as the tall, narrow windows on each side of the sanctuary. The cross, baptismal bowl and vase are made from hand-moulded ceramics. This material has a certain softness, warmth and fragility to it. The combination of wood and ceramics brings together the hard and the soft, the powerful and the fragile.


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