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Tim van de weerd Design


Designer Tim van de Weerd (1982) is specialised in bringing together the unexpected and the familiar. A design should be accessible and distinctive: that is Tim’s goal. Every piece of furniture or object must evoke the imagination and play with expectations; the imagery must always be recognizable and surprising.

All of Tim’s designs have an openness. They are straightforward and sincere, simple and elegant. And therefore highly accessible. At the same time they are characterised by a fine, subtle tension. This comes from playing with imagination, sophisticated details and the unexpected use of materials. The design keeps fascinating: it intrigues and lingers.

Tim is inspired by the riches of nature and artisanal production methods. Within his work he continually searches for beauty, tranquility and authenticity.

Tim ‘s work was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week of 2014 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. His work has been very well received by the international press and is shown during the London Craft Week 2015, at the concept-store Arnhem Coming Soon and at the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in Amsterdam.

Tim obtained his master’s degree in Interior Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts. He has also worked at Karres en Brands, an international landscape architecture office. He has been active as an independent designer since 2011.

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