The Carnivora is a follow-up to the high, exalted Monstera Magnifica and the fleeing Monstera Fugiens. Contrary to their predecessors, which are free-standing and room-size, the Carnivora Minima (small), Media (medium) and Magna (large) are table-top models. Nevertheless, they still retain their playfulness and liveliness; these planters too seem to run off with their plants. The name Carnivora comes from these plants, alluding to their predator behaviour.

Every Carnivora planter is unique. Underneath each porcelain pot, the legs are fixed in slightly different ways. This is why the position of the one Carnivora differs from that of the others; no two are the same. Each Carnivora is processed in the oven two times: after the porcelain is moulded and dried, and after the application of a high- gloss glaze. That thick layer of transparent glaze is what gives depth to the surface and ensures a beautiful reflection. Together with the position of the legs the shiny surface gives the planters their playfulness.

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Visit the webshop to see all items.



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