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Tim van de weerd Design


Tim van de Weerd (b. 1982) creates remarkable artisanal interior objects. Inspired by nature, Van de Weerd explores the correlation between the organic and its narrative by translating natural elements into marvellous tangible art. Brought to life by his meticulous craftsmanship, the objects bring nature indoors, blurring the boundaries between exterior and interior. 

Exemplary among his works is the elegantly dynamic Monstera series of hand-sculpted planters featuring steel legs covered in epoxy clay, elevating the natural origin of plants by acting as an extension of it.

Tim ‘s work was exhibited at the Centre d’Innovation et de Design at Grand Hornu, Belgium, the international art fair for modern craft and design Collect in London and Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. His work has been very well received by the international press.

All products are available for sale at the webshop.

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